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Spider Flower

Spider Flower

All About the Spider Flower

Not as well-known as many of the other types of flowers, the spider flower is a beautiful import from South America, New Guinea and Australia. In Latin America, its growth was limited to only three or four countries, mostly in the central and eastern part of the continent. Because of its beauty, it has been cultivated to grow in many places today and now, people from different countries and continents can enjoy it. It has the meaning of love and if the one you love gives it to you, they just may be asking you to run away together to get married. It would make a very romantic beginning for a life of happiness.

Description of the Spider Flower

The spider flower is green all year round. It belongs to a genus with as many species as there are days in the year. So there are many different flowers to choose from if you decide to grow them. The average height of these flowers is between four and five feet although some species gain a height that is many times taller than that. They have very long thorns on them which can snag onto clothing as well as skin if you walk by too closely. It grows in brilliant colors like white, red, pink or violet and several shades in between. They are a beautiful beacon in any garden. They are also used for property dividers.

Uses for the Spider Flower

The spider flower can be placed in vases or other flower arrangements but you must take its strong scent into consideration. The scent is reminiscent of heavy musk and may not please everyone. The other consideration is its large and plentiful thorns. When placing them into a flower arrangement, do wear sturdy gloves to protect your hands and fingers. Most people would grow them strictly as ornamental plants for that reason. They make excellent border flowers by themselves or along fences because of their height as well as their thorns. They bloom from late spring to late summer and will be admired by everyone who sees them. Spider flowers are also good seeders in the correct climate. You have to do nothing. They just seed and grow.

Growing the Spider Flower

Knowing how to grow this beautiful flower is very important if you want to be successful. Left to its own devices, the spider plant does not survive easily and can be found in limited localities. Tropical climates are the best host environment for the plant. If you live in a northern climate, then the spider flower is probably not a flower for your garden, unless you make temperature provisions to keep it warm. A greenhouse will be a good place in which to grow spider flowers. If you don’t have a greenhouse, then perhaps just growing it inside your home may be a good alternative. Spider flowers can tolerate dry sol very well, but they will be prettier and fuller when they do get regular, small amounts of water. Since it is a tropical plant, direct sunlight should not be detrimental to the growth of the flower.