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Sympathy & Funeral Flowers

Choosing the Right Flowers for A Funeral

Losing a treasured family member or friend is an occasion that no one wants to think about, let alone having to deal with all the arrangements that will need to be made. Beyond the funeral itself, the casket and burial, arranging for flowers is often a task that is not always given much thought to and is often left completely up to someone outside the immediate family to accomplish. All of us at Vancouver Florist understand just how difficult this can be and we stand ready to assist you in this, by helping select just the right arrangements that will convey all of the proper sentiment and emotion.

From the Immediate Family

Arrangements purchased for a funeral by the immediate family should be chosen to reflect all of the emotions they are feeling at the loss of someone so dear to them. Many people choose to have a casket blanket made up of a mix of roses, lilies or carnations that will be placed onto the closed casket for graveside services. For church services and other memorials, standing arrangements are often a better choice, due to concerns about space around the casket or religious concerns.

Vancouver Florist offers several types of standing arrangements, ranging in size from baskets containing single flowers such as lilies and roses, to specially designed wreaths and crosses with multiple varieties of flowers. We also offer funeral pillows, meant to be placed inside the casket for the duration of the memorial service. These can be made of satin, with flowers woven through the center or they can be made of the flowers themselves, tastefully woven around a ribbon bearing the name of the loved one who has passed on.

Memorial Gifts from Friends and Distant Family

When a loved one passes away, very often friends and relatives will want to pass along a special gift in their memory to the immediate family, expressing their grief through a token of affection for the person being remembered. Vancouver Florist offers a discreet selection of arrangements for just this purpose. We have arrangements that can be made up of a single type of flower such as a bouquet of roses or a multitude of appropriate blossoms that will correctly express the sentiment of support and solidarity in this time of loss.

By calling our customer service line, we can help you select the perfect arrangement as well as the flowers to go in them. We offer smaller baskets and tasteful vases that can be placed around the casket during memorial services, as well as standing crosses and wreaths of lilies, roses and other flowers that will express the proper sentiment to the family, in just the right way.