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Vancouver International Airport

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All about Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport is one of the largest airports in North America. Named one of the top airports in North America in 2012, Vancouver International Airport serves over 17 million customers a year. Vancouver International Airport is used for both international and domestic travel and includes a luxurious mall and several historic landmarks. The airport boasts several collections of Pacific Native art and is known around the world for its unique architecture and world class customer service.


History of Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport, also known as YVR, was originally created for aviation purposes. In 1927, explorer Charles Lindbergh had refused to stop in Vancouver on his Tour of North America because there was no proper airport at the time. The original grass strip for aviation purposes was at Minoru Park and wasn’t a proper airport. However, the City had purchased land on for aviation purposes on Sea Island. Sea Island, which now is home to the Vancouver International Airport, was used during World War II by the Federal Government. The south terminal and airport itself was operated by the Federal National Defense Department and the Federal Transportation Department. This land was also used as training purposes for the Royal Canadian Air Force and provided housing for the Air Forces family and crew.

In 1968, the terminal was expanded to include domestic and international terminals. Vancouver Airport had expanded into a much larger airport including more runways which provided room for larger aircrafts. The airport has since become an important gateway between Asian Countries and the rest of Canada. Vancouver International Airport has become a world-class airport with three terminals: the International Terminal, Domestic Terminal and the South Terminal.

Geography of Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport is located just north of the City of Richmond and south of the City of Vancouver on Sea Island. The area is a large piece of land and therefore, the area is mostly clear grass land except property used by the airport and its affiliates.