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All about Yaletown

Yaletown is a relaxing neighborhood with unique restaurants and apartment towers. With the introduction of the Yaletown-Roundhouse Skytrain Station, the area has become a potential place for developers to show unique and characteristic buildings. Yaletown also has several alleys that are extremely clean and have been turned into walkways/parking spots with roadside restaurants and bars. 


History of Yaletown

Most of the neighborhoods in Vancouver were affected by the Canadian Pacific Railway and Yaletown was not an exception. The Canadian Pacific Railway had a major influence on Yaletown and provided the shaping of the area into what Yaletown is today. In the 1880’s, Yaletown became the central hub for the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush, which was used for repair shops, warehouses and railways. Eventually, these workers and gold rush enthusiasts had settled in the area close to the railways. The area was then named Yaletown and became a heavy industrial zone due to its close proximity to False Creek.

In the 20th century, Yaletown was purchased by the City of Vancouver who planned to transform the area into parks, marinas and apartment towers. After the Expo in 1986, the area became a prime area for redevelopment.

Geography of Yaletown

Yaletown is approximately bordered by False Creek, Homer and Robson Streets. However, it is difficult to give an exact boundary of Yaletown due to its close proximity to Downtown Vancouver.